Every year, on the last Saturday in August people gather along the shores of the Baltic Sea to celebrate the Forneldarnas natt - Night of Bonfires - Muinastulede öö - Senovinės ugnies naktis - Senās uguns nakts. This annual celebration has become a tradition in several countries of the Baltic Sea  region and every year more bonfire festivals are arranged by local organisations, municipalities, tourist boards and committed individuals.

At 8:30 pm / 20.30 o'clock a chain of hundreds of bonfires will be lit along the shores of the Baltic Sea in order to celebrate the summer, the Baltic Sea and most of all the connections between the people living in this region.

The idea of celebrating the Night of Bonfires is based on the traditional usage of signal fires as instruments of communication and navigation for seafaring people.

Most organisers arrange some programme for the event, like for example a speech, a concert, a competition or a dance and snacks, drinks or coffee are sold.

Link: sydkusten.fi